I've been doing a lot of remixes of Dearly Beloved track from Kingdom Hearts. You should check them out.
http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/487154 - DNB
http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/486972 - Classical

Also check out my official NG account: http://kopacetic.newgrounds.com

Kingdom Hearts Dearly Beloved <3

Stupid School

2012-05-14 17:35:47 by Electronixa

School is really making me stress lately. I've decided that I won't be uploading or even composing music for a while probably until school is over. I've been procrastinating lately.

Project Summer

2012-05-10 05:34:44 by Electronixa

Working on a new song called 'Project Summer' because summer is coming and can't wait to get out of school. Check out the demo here.

I'm still working on the Classical Dancefloor. It's taking a long time since I'm having trouble creating a epic orchestra verse. (hint).

Check out my official account where I upload full songs instead of samples and shit.


In the mean time, enjoy this picture :)

Project Summer

My New Account

2012-05-07 18:01:03 by Electronixa

I created a new account of a couple reasons.

1. I can't change my username
2. I want to delete some of my audio I submitted.

Please check out my new Newgrounds Account: K0PPA

In that account, I'll be submitting full songs instead of short and work in progress.

I'm still going to continue with this account, but I won't be uploading full songs. Instead I'm going to be uploading short loops, demo, and work in progress.

So the upcoming Classical Dancefloor, it's going to be uploaded in my K0PPA account.

Thanks for your understanding. Meanwhile, just enjoy this picture.

My New Account

Dance Loop Series

2012-05-01 08:18:43 by Electronixa

I'm starting to realize that I can't properly construct a full dance song. So I decided to make dance loops. I'll be uploading songs entitled 'Dance Loops #'.

Does this mean I won't be making full dance songs, no.
I'm currently working on the Classical Dancefloor song.

- Chao!

Discontinuing Some Songs

2012-04-23 06:50:42 by Electronixa

I'm going to discontinue
- Toast to Victory


Sorry For My Absence.

2012-04-13 05:19:15 by Electronixa

I've been quite busy lately, but now I'm back making music. :D

Making Another Full Song

2012-03-15 04:35:34 by Electronixa

As you guys know, I created the 'LALALALA' song and it got some feedback. Well, I decided to create another version of it that's longer and with a different song name lol, also with the help of my cousin. Probably going to be released this week.


2012-03-12 01:58:35 by Electronixa

Check out our first full song entitled 'Nostalgia'. This is an Ambient-type song. Remember, don't forget to give us some feedback since we're new at producing. Also every weekend, we'll try to release a full or preview song.